Jan 22, 2016

I first worked with On-Site Health and Safety while working in construction safety for a large mechanical contractor, yet recently made the move into retail, becoming the Corporate Risk Manager for WSS Shoe Stores. I quickly made meeting with On-Site a priority to discuss whether or not we could achieve the same results of lowering our recordable incident rate in retail as they did in construction, and we decided to give it a shot. Did it work?…YOU BET! A full 90% of the cases they handled for us in 2015 were managed as first-aid only. I am here to tell you, Onsite Health and Safety is NOT just for construction. They have been equally successful for me in the retail industry. With a company as expansive as WSS (75 locations in California, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada)…we make sure the poster for On-Site Health and Safety is on the wall in the break room of every one of our 75 stores!