Covid Services

Covid-19 Rapid Nasal Swabs

  • simple nasal swab
  • Tests for the presence of Covid-19 antigens
  • Approval (EUA) from the FDA
  • Performed directly at your jobsite… no need to travel to a clinic or urgent care facility
  • Results available within 10 minutes!

Covid-19 Antigen Testing

  • simple saliva-based sample test
  • Lab-developed, non-invasive test (employee simply provides a saliva sample into a sterile container) that tests for the presence of SARS-Cov-2 antigens. Sample is collected and then shipped to Clinical Reference Laboratory for testing results.
  • Performed directly at your jobsite by our technicians… no need to travel to a clinic or urgent
    care facility.
  • Results available in just 48-72 hours!

Covid Temperature Screening

Is your company in need of temperature screening for employees entering your worksite? If so… On-Site is here to help. We’ve deployed hundreds of trained temperature screeners across the country to ensure both compliance with regulations, and the safety and well being of your employees.


Areas Served 24-HOURS

For over twenty years and counting, On-Site Health & Safety's industry-leading services have set the bar regarding 24-hour mobile response.